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The Highest Standards = The Happiest Customers

“Great products. Wonderful customer service. In my opinion DNZ makes the best scope mounts on the market. Not to mention it’s Made right here in North Carolina. Here’s a picture of my daughters. I liked hers so much I know have mine.“ -Tim Thomas

“Amazing product. I will use them for all of my scope mount needs from now on. Great folks, very knowledgeable, extremely friendly, five stars all the way around!“ -WJ Lohr

“Great product! These are a great group of people with a great product. Put these mounts on a budget rifle that will make it deliver high dollar accuracy! Couldn’t recommend more.“ -Jonathan Gonia

“One piece, strong, no added weight, sturdy and very reliable. I tried it about 4 years ago. and switched almost all my rifles over to DNZ - won't be using anything else.....ever again.“ -Zap Christopher

“I own over a dozen DNZ mounts. ‘Without a doubt, the best I’ve ever used! Yet another perfect, solid, and level mount!“ -Scott Conley

“The absolute best product on the market - - bar none“ -Bret Davies