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Published on 09 Jun 2023

What to Look for in a 30MM Scope Mount for Hunting

Using a 30mm scope mount for hunting offers advantages for hunters who typically shoot at long range, but you’ll want to make sure you’re using a top-quality mount. In fact, your scope – and thus your aim – is only as good as the mount that it sits on. Skimping on this piece could undermine your shooting performance across the board.

Cheap, low quality scope mounting rings often become misaligned as result of shot recoil, and will apply uneven pressure on your scope. This will negatively impact your scope’s long-range accuracy, causing damage and potentially even resulting in the loss of its zero point.

Since you use (or are considering) a 30mm scope to hunt, having an excellent mount is even more important. At shorter distances, small degrees of misalignment between your scope and barrel won’t matter as much. But further out, these differences will scale out to a significant error that could cause you to miss – or be less satisfied with where your shot lands.

Thus, you’ll want a reliable mount for your 30mm scope that can handle the powerful recoil of a rifle for years, not to mention being out in the weather and any dings it receives with you out in the wild. Let’s explore some characteristics and features you ought to look for when evaluating 30mm scope mounts to use while hunting.

Good Materials and a Reputable Manufacturer

The first factor to look into is what materials the scope mount is made from – and who is making it. A good rule of thumb is to buy American-made products. Domestic manufacturers source quality materials, use the latest precision fabrication methods, regularly do quality assurance and you’re more likely to have legal recourse for any problems.

You’ll want scope ring mounts that offer strength and rigidity while being lightweight. We specifically suggest you select billet aluminum over steel or alloys.

Rugged and Low-Weight Materials

Your mount needs to be able to handle the outdoor conditions that go with hunting. It should be made from materials that don’t weather easily in the extremes of cold or hot and wet or dry. Quality materials are necessary to withstand repeated shocks from shot recoil without compromising your scope in any way. 

At the same time, you’ll want a mount that doesn’t weigh a lot. A heavier mount will subtly distort the balancing of your rifle, make it more cumbersome and add unnecessary weight to your hunting kit.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend finding a mount made with billet aluminum. We’ve found it checks both boxes: lightweight and rugged even after years of use, with no impacts to the scope.

Custom Fit for Your Rifle’s Receiver

It would be a shame to buy a mount that doesn’t fit your gun’s receiver, and doing the research can be a bit of a headache. Better to go with a mount manufacturer who will custom fit their product according to your specific model of rifle. Furthermore, if you buy a new hunting rifle, you can go back to that manufacturer to get a matching scope mount.

An Ultra-Light, Custom-Fit, Tough-As-Nails 30MM Scope Mount for Hunting

At DNZ products, we make our 30MM scope mounts for hunting – the Game Reaper and Game Reaper 2 – at our family-owned shop in Sanford, North Carolina, using the latest precision machining tools.

We make our precision scope rings from a block of top-quality 6061T6 billet aluminum, and weighs in at 2-3 ounces while offering excellent strength, rigidity and durability over time. Compared to steel mounts, our billet aluminum materials offer superior shock absorption and tolerance of extreme temperatures.

Check out this video by Jon D. on YouTube sharing his experience using the Game Reaper on his Savage brand rifle:

Our mounts are solid pieces with no moving parts in between your scope and hunting rifle’s receiver, reducing the need for maintenance and likelihood of failure. Furthermore, the original Game Reaper and Game Reaper 2 can be customized according to your specific gun for a precise fit and alignment. 

We’re obsessed with precision manufacturing and quality because we know accuracy is a must. For hunters who cut no corners with their shooting rig, we’re a favorite choice.

To learn more about our company and full line of products, please visit our website or contact us with your questions.

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